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Welcome at Herbal Spirit

Welcome on the website of Herbal Spirit ~ Ancient Traditions, New Experiences.

Herbal Spirit is a business – with a physical shop in The Hague – where you can buy a wide range of 100% natural herbs, seeds, food supplements and related products. These products are highly appreciated in several cultural traditions around the world, and are recognized and valued for their healing powers for body and spirit, and their ability to enhance your world view.

Herbal Spirit is highly service oriented, and personal attention and sharing authentic information are amongst our core values.

Please feel free to look around on my website and I’m looking forward to meet you in person in the Herbal Spirit shop, located at the Prins Hendrikstraat 175 in The Hague.

Herbal SPirit greetings,

Yvonne Mosbach

Herbal Spirit ~ Yvonne Mosbach

Ancient Traditions ~ New Experiences

Welcome on the Herbal Spirit website. For as long as humans have inhabited the earth they use the power of nature. First, to stay alive (food), secondly for natural medicine purposes and last but not least: just for fun!

Herbal Spirit runs a store in The Hague where you can buy a wide range of natural products, from herbs, spices and seeds to 100% natural food supplements and related products.