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Smartshop Herbal Spirit ~ Yvonne Mosbach

After having been a (remedial) teacher at schools, I decided to take my life into a different direction.

Starting at an early age I became fascinated with nature and everything that leads back to the source, the essence from which all life originates. Also, I became enchanted with and knowledgeable about ‘holy’ plants and the way they are applied for healing in several ancient cultural traditions.

Those ancient traditions, that use a holistic approach and have a spiritual spirituele basis, have got a special place in my heart.

This led me a.o. to Ayurveda and Shamanism. Although they have a different basis, both make use of the secrets of herbs and plants, show a loving approach to all life and believe that everything is connected.

I have done an Ayurvedic massage therapist training, where I learned the basics of Ayurveda and learned to work with precious herbal-oils. Furthermore, I have gained knowlegde of and became experienced in working with ethnobotanicals and entheogenes over the past 20 years. Especially Ayahuasca – within a ceremonial setting – has become a very valuable herbal healing ‘instrument’ for me and has got a special place in my heart. I work with these ‘holy’ master-plants with a lot of love and dedication. I am very grateful that I am in a position to pass on this knowledge and share it with others.

Herbal Spirit greetings,

Yvonne Mosbach