Dear All,

I humbly ask you to have a moment of your time to read the following:

As most of you know i have been on the path of working with master plants since a young age and it has always been my dream/vision to create a beautiful retreat centre in Spain to continue my work with these magical plants and share the knowledge and the wisdom of these plants with people from all over the world. Also with the intention to invite masters/ shamans in their line of profession to share their traditions.

This place should be one off nourishment and healing located in an area with high vibrations and surrounded by nature.

During the whole process of finding this place I have felt a strong guidance and I feel delighted that I have found it. The area is in the surroundings of parc natural “Dels Ports” in the north of Spain at the border of Aragon and Cataluña. Consisting of limestone mountains, lush forests, waterfalls and rivers.

How else could it be? “Dels ports” means: “of the gates” Gates to different stages of consciousness, gates to magic, the gates to health, growth and prosperity, the gates to fulfilment of ones highest potential. I just love it!

But right now I am facing a challenge, the properties and houses in this area are very expensive and I have saved a little but barely enough to buy something that suits my vision.

So I came up with a plan. My best friend Stijn ,who is an incredible artist, created over the years three beautiful pen and ink drawings, honouring the masterplants, for my birthdays. These drawings are made with a lot of love and eye for detail and I have them above my altars. I asked him if I could get them scanned and printed in series as a collector’s item and if he would sign them personally to sell them to fund my project and he agreed and gave me the copyrights. Hereby I would also like to share my appreciation for his lovingly support and being a true friend for a life time.

I have found the best studio in Holland ( ) to digitize his drawings to the highest standards available and got them printed on high quality paper. The outcome is that they look exactly like the original drawings!!!

I am very excited about the whole idea that his work could radiate in more homes or ceremonial spaces in the world and not just in mine ;-) So hereby I am asking you: Could it be your place and are you willing to help me out with my dream project? I would be very grateful, because I know in this one I could really use some support.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully I could see you one day in Spain to celebrate life!