FLORIDA WATER / Agua de FLORIDA 270 ML This is the original Florida water from Peru based on alcohol (and not on eau de cologne). It is used in (cleaning) rituals, shamanism and other occult applications. The scent is deep, soft, mysterious and magical. Attention: be careful with the skin and eyes. Not for internal use.

The original AGUA DE FLORIDA of Herbal Spirit is made in Peru on the basis of Peruvian cane sugar alcohol. There is also a cheaper variant based on EAU DE COLOGNE. This cheaper variant has a completely different composition, smells much less fresh and does not clean as thoroughly energetically as the original AGUA DE FLORIDA. Most shamans use the original AGUA DE FLORIDA for their cleansing and ceremonies.

The labels of both bottles are very similar, hence the confusion sometimes. If you want to be sure you have the original version, you can see this on the label. Here, AGUA DE FLORIDA.

comes first in blue letters.

Please don’t take it. Keep out of reach of children, careful with skin and eyes. Flammable, irritating. Be careful with open flames.