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African dream root (Silene capensis) belongs in the green river valleys of the eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This particular flowering plant species is considered by the Xhosa worshippers to be a sacred species that can induce remarkably vivid and predictive dreams.

Xhosas shamans see the species as a type of Ubulawu or the medicinal root which they call Undlela Ziimhlophe, literally meaning “white paths” or “white ways”.


Silene capensis is dreamlike, this property is caused by triterpenoid saponins in the roots. Relatively small amounts of root (250 mg) are active, as indicated by users. The plant causes hardly any mind-altering when you are awake, while the effects in dream state can be very present and special.


Method 1) Mix half a teaspoon with half a cup of water. This should be drunk early in the morning, on an empty stomach. When you start to get hungry you can have breakfast.

Method 2) Mix a full tablespoon with half a litre of water, mix until frothy. Suck this up until you get a bloated feeling of the foam, and then go to bed.

African dream root should be taken on an empty stomach, when you get hungry afterwards you can eat something. This way the alkaloids have time to travel through your system. The effects will appear in the evening. The alkaloids pass through the bloodstream quite slowly, and will therefore not end up in the stools during the day. Before you go to sleep, take a question in your head that you would like to have ‘answered’. This may happen in your dreams, which will be exceptionally colourful. After waking up, you will remember them.

A precaution:
Use only the recommended amount; larger amounts have a body-purifying effect. Furthermore, there are no known accidents or harmful side effects, only vomiting and emptying of the stomach contents. Small doses will affect even the most insensitive person, so it is not necessary to take a large quantity. However, someone who is ‘clean’, i.e. without other alkaloids in the body, will react more strongly to the active ingredient. When you take something for a few days in a row, the alkaloids collect in the body.